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Evalynn Louise Basey 1933-2017


Evalynn Louise Basey, a spirited hard-working business woman and mother of eight children, grandmother to 29, great-grandmother to 17, wife of 25 years to Larry Basey, and longtime resident of Harney County, passed away Sept. 27 in Klamath Falls, with all her children by her side.

She was born in Council, Idaho, in December of 1933. She lived to be nearly 84.

Louise continued to work after her husband passed away in 1983. She became fiercely independent, and was determined to live independently. She raised her children with love, and invested her time in growing small businesses, including a tourist shop and cafe on the Oregon Coast, multiple real estate investments, and a second-hand shop in her latter years.

A lifelong Christian, Louise spent time every day reading her Bible, praying, and visiting with her family. She was a dedicated mother and, even until the last days of her life, maintained a close relationship to her children and grandchildren.

Her distinctive laugh and gift for storytelling made memorable impressions on her loved-ones, as well as her unvarnished opinions about life, love, and faith. Louise’s legacy is her practicality, work ethic, her value of family, and her deep and abiding faith in God.

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