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John (Craig) Lundberg

John (Craig) Lundberg passed away Sept. 2, 2017, at the home he shared with his long-time companion, Joan.

Craig was a “Radar boy” in Burns in 1958-1960, stationed at the airbase above Burns. He loved the town, the wide open spaces, and the cowboy ways. In 1959, he married Marie Davis of Burns and became a member of her family for life.

In the early 1980s, Craig pursued his cowboy dreams; learned to shoe horses, joined wrangling teams in Nevada, and lived the life he loved. He kept his bed roll for the rest of his life.

He was at home with the Davis boys, Buck and Gale, who taught him to ride, shoot, hunt and get dusty. These guys had a ball together. Craig, Buck, and our nephew, Ron Dunne, were great pals and raised all kinds of small-town-boy havoc during the summer of 1958.

Craig worked for years as a successful salesman in the auto business. One of his colleagues and friends, John Small, called Craig “Clark Kent,” because of his handsome, earnest face and horn rims. He was a “Clark Kentish” sort of guy.

Craig is survived by his dear and lovely daughter, Cara Boldt,  and her children (his grandchildren), Nile Boldt and Olivia Boldt Armond. Also surviving him are his sister, Alicia (Hap) Lundberg Higgins; and Mark Lundberg, both of whom were loyal and loving to their big brother.

He was preceded in death by his beloved daughter, Michele, in 1985.

May the long time sun shine upon him and bring him peace.

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