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Hi-Desert Mat Club hosts, wins Jay Winn Memorial Buckle Classic

Ethan Stampke (featured image) and Amir Schouviller both won buckles in their respective weight divisions. (Photos by RANDY PARKS)

On Saturday, Jan. 20, the Hi-Desert Mat Club hosted its home tournament, the Jay Winn Memorial Hi-Desert Buckle Classic.  There was participation from 37 different clubs from Oregon and Idaho. The Hi-Desert Mat Club placed first in the tournament with 471 points.

Results are as follows:


32-40 lbs. — Kayson Williams 2nd; Dawson Curtis 4th; Silas Johnson DNP

40-44 lbs. — Heyzen Sykes 4th

42 lbs. — Bryer Cornell 2nd

45-49 lbs. — Asher Horlacher 4th


43 lbs. — Ethan Stampke 1st; Ledger Kemper 2nd; Dylan Hill DNP; Charles Barnes DNP

Canon Winn gets the pin.

49 lbs. — Cooper Volle DNP

53 lbs. — Amir Schouviller 1st; Liam Shepherd 2nd; Hank Crowley DNP; Scott Graham DNP

56 lbs. — Finn Hemphill 2nd; John Johnson DNP

85+ lbs. — Cole Howard 2nd


53 lbs. — Dallen Johnson 4th

56 lbs. — Ryik Simpson 4th

59 lbs. — Hayden Cornell 2nd; Kaleb Winn 4th

Charlie Barnes turns his opponent.

67 lbs. — Cannon Kemper 1st; Owen Kaino DNP; Delbert Dixon DNP

71 lbs. — Noah Ward DNP

77 lbs. — Skeet Schouviller DNP

93 lbs. — Henry Hemphill DNP; Jasper Skunkcap 4th

120+ lbs. — Maurice Petersen 2nd


63 lbs. — Thomas Winn 2nd; Ryan Glascock DNP; Danny Raif DNP

67 lbs. — Henry Barnes 2nd

Teammates Kayson Williams and Silas Johnson.

70 lbs. — Canon Winn 2nd; Preston HIll DNP

74 lbs. — Kale Cornell 4th; Lucian Miller DNP

78 lbs. — Michael Beck 4th; Wesley Graham DNP

86 lbs. — Hazen Johnson DNP; Orion Houck DNP; Jaden Davis DNP

92 lbs. — Ryland Dupuy DNP

98 lbs. — Easton Kemper 2nd


87 lbs. — Carter Lardy DNP

97 lbs. — Corbett Graham DNP

Corbett Graham was awarded the Jay Winn Belt Buckle. (Submitted photo)

114 lbs. —Hunter Kemper 2nd; Kevin Peasley 3rd


120 lbs. — Dayton Baron 3rd

152 lbs. — Wyatt Epling 1st

Corbett Graham was awarded the Jay Winn Belt Buckle for his hard work, dedication and attitude toward the sport of wrestling this season.

Next weekend will finish out the Hi-Desert Mat Club season with the state tournament in Redmond.


On Sunday, Jan. 14, the qualifying members of the Hi Desert Mat Club participated in the Oregon Kids Classic in Redmond. This is a very tough tournament, and the Hi-Desert team came away winning some great matches.


43 lbs. — Ethan Stampke 6th

45 lbs. — Ledger Kemper 5th

85 lbs. — Cole Howard DNP


53 lbs. — Dallen Johnson DNP

59 lbs. — Hayden Cornell 6th

67 lbs. — Cannon Kemper 3rd

120+ lbs. — Maurice Petersen 3rd


67 lbs. — Henry Barnes DNP

70 lbs. — Kale Cornell DNP

98 lbs. — Easton Kemper DNP


110 — Kevin Peasley 2nd

114 — Hunter Kemper 6th

Randy Parks
Editor Randy was born in Iowa, and spent most of his life growing up in the Hawkeye State. After a few years in college, he settled in Idaho for a decade, skiing, golfing, and working at Sun Valley Resort. He married in 1985, completed broadcast school, and moved to Harney County in 1989 to work for KZZR. After 16 years of on-air work, he left the radio station and went to work for the Burns Times-Herald.

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