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Preparing for the eclipse: County services may suffer with influx of people into area

Harney County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Dave Ward

Burns Fire Department
Scott Williamson

Harney District Hospital EMS
Jeff Sceirine

for the Burns Times-Herald

During this eclipse, be aware of your surroundings with the influx of travelers into our county. Be prepared by filling up all your vehicles with fuel and have a few extra gallons on hand if needed. With the projected numbers, we may see a gasoline shortage during this period of time. Know that with this influx of travelers, we will be prioritizing our calls. If you are in a minor fender bender with no damage, exchange insurance information and clear the roadway. If the damage is sufficient and your vehicles can be moved off the roadway, clear the roadway. We will get to the scene when we can to file a report. Remember to be safe in your travels. Traffic will be heavy at times, so be prepared to sit in traffic for extended periods of times.

With being aware of your surroundings, this also includes your home and vehicles. Keep them locked when not at home or not in use. Also, with storing food, water and prescriptions; check your first aid kits and make sure they are stocked. If you have a minor injury and can get to the hospital safely, do so. County services may suffer with this influx of people into the community, and our emergency resources may struggle to keep up with demand. This period of time will be an inconvenience to all residents.

This is also prime fire season. Be careful with any fire source, such as cigarette butts. Throwing a butt out your vehicle window can cause a wildland fire. Stay aware of the fire levels and do not have any fires going or anything that could throw sparks during a red flag period.

Harney District Hospital EMS would like to remind everyone to get your eclipse glasses soon! It is very dangerous and could change your life forever if you attempt to watch the eclipse without the proper eye protection. These glasses are inexpensive and specifically designed to protect your eyes. They can be purchased at the chamber of commerce or online.

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